What You Should Know About Free Dog Adoptions

The orphaned pet population on a worldwide scale continues to increase at a rapid speed and is becoming an epidemic. The need for loving homes is larger than ever. The reason for this problem is owners who fail to spay or neuter their pets. Some organizations are even offering veterinarian reimbursement to owners who have their pets fixed.

There are some places that offer free dog adoption clinics, which excite people to come in and meet some dogs in need of a home. If you find a dog you wish to adopt at one of these clinics you must first fill out an application. The cost of spay or neutering and the dog’s vaccinations may be required and generally are less than $200.00. Considering what a new dog generally costs, it’s truly a small price to pay. Some stores offer savings or a reward plan when adoption papers are shown. This is their way of showing their support and thanking you for helping a homeless pet.

Although these are called free dog adoptions, there are more fees to consider other than the retail price of the dog. One should remember that a new dog will need shots and vet care. The dog will also require leashes, collars, food, and possibly dog training classes. If you are sure that you can spend the time and money on a dog then you should check with your local animal shelters for your free dog adoption. Most pet shelters do not charge for the pet, but rather charge a fee for veterinarian care. You can also look for free dog adoptions in the classified section of your local newspaper.

When choosing a dog for free adoption you should look to see how the dog is being treated. Make sure the kennel is clean, that there is food and water. Dogs that are mistreated or neglected can have behavioral problems. Do some research and decide which kind of dog you would like to adopt. Do not do a free adoption because you are unable to buy a dog. Do a free dog adoption because you want to welcome a homeless dog into your home and your heart.

Basically what needs to happen is you need to research what kind of dog you might want to adopt, look at the temperament and personality characteristics. Then you need to contact your local shelter and or rescue group and ask them about free dog adoptions and if they offer it. You will also want to ask them how much veterinarian fees usually run. Then you need to go and start looking for the right dog for you. Now, remember that this may take more than one trip. Once you have found the right dog it will be time to start the application process. You may also be required to do a home study so to speak. This is where someone from the shelter comes to your home and makes sure that your yard and home are adequate for a dog. Once the application process is finished you will be required to pay the veterinarian fees, and then you can take your new dog home.

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