How To Crate Train Your Dog

Using a crate to train your dog is one of the best methods available. Crate training works well because it ties in with the natural instincts of your dog. By using this method of training you will have a clean home and a dog which behaves properly. The most important thing to understand about crate training is that a dog will want to avoid urinating in the place where it sleeps. It will see the crate as being its home.

The first thing you want to do when crate training your dog is to use a consistent schedule. This will allow the dog to relieve itself in the right place instead of a place where you don’t want them to. It is also important to reward the dog when they behave properly, but not get angry when they don’t do what you want. It takes time for a dog to learn, and you will need to have patience when trying to train them. When you are not at home, you will want to keep your dog in a closed-off space.

The space should have a bed, clean water, and toys so that the dog doesn’t become lonely or aggravated. Crate training works differently than just confining a dog to a certain room. When you use crate training you will want to place the dog within the crate when you are not watching him. While this may sound abusive at first, it is important to remember that dogs naturally like being in confined spaces. They are den animals. The dog will begin to think of the crate as being his home, and will not relieve himself there.

After the dog has been in the crate for a while, you will want to take them to the location where it is allowed to relieve itself. Once it does, reward him with a treat or praise. You want the dog to associate relieving itself in the right place with rewards. This will give it an incentive to continue behaving properly. Don’t allow the dog to stay in the crate for a long time, as it will be forced to relieve itself in the crate and this is something that neither of you want. It could reverse all the training you’ve given the dog.

The dog should only be put in the crate while you’re present. The dog should be allowed to go to the restroom every 40 minutes, except at night. The dog should be placed on a leash when you take him out. Give him about three to five minutes to finish. If the dog doesn’t relieve itself, you should quickly take him back to the crate. If the dog does relieve itself, reward him with treats or a walk.

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