Here are Three Makeup Tips for Women who Wear Glasses

Women who wear glasses are eternally problematic when it comes to makeup application. It seems rather difficult for women who wear glasses to find the right makeup style with spectacles layering over most of their faces. In addition, having a frame on top of your face most of the day makes it hard to keep makeup on for a long period of time.

If you want to pretty up without taking out your glasses, here are makeup tips that you should start following today!

  • The Art of Contour

Wearing glasses can be a bit challenging if you want to accentuate some of the beautiful features on your face. The glass frames cast shadows on your eyes and other parts of the face. The best thing to solve this problem is to highlight, bronze, and contour the face.

Make sure to use a lighter shade of foundation for the skin surrounding the nose and under the eyes. You may also apply bronzer on the cheekbones, the side of the nose, and the forehead for that more structured look.

  • Never Forget to Work on your Brows

It is recommended to keep your brows clean and groomed at all times. It is also important for spectacled women to pattern the shape of their brows according to the shape of their glasses. For instance, if you wear a pair of glasses with a big and bold frame, your eyebrows should be thin but shapely. On the other hand, if you wear glasses featuring slim frames, it is best to grow your brows thick, full, and well defined.

  • Be Bold

Women who wear glasses typically use mild and toned down eye makeup. But one should understand that since eyeglasses cover a large chunk of your face, going for bolder and more striking eye makeup will make them look more beautiful. Choose eye-catching and colorful eye shadow shades instead of neutral shades. .

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