Text Spy

What Are The Three Apps To Spy On Text Messages?

If you want to spy on someone else’s text messages, then you are in luck because there are many, many apps that you can choose from, not just one, two or three. If you search for text spy, you will find that there are at least apps that you can download to your phone and to your partner’s phone. However, we are finding that the top three are MSpy, Highster Mobile, and Flexispy.

At least this is the information you get from one website that publishes ratings. The three apps aren’t only great for spying on text messages. With any of those apps, you can also spy on phone calls, emails, track GPS location, and do a host of other stuff that only private investigators could do in the past.

Now, among the three, you might be wondering which one you should choose. Well, we really think it all boils down to what your priorities are. Each app we mentioned above has it own strengths in different areas. For example, mySpy is strong at monitoring text messages with virtually 100% syncing capability for two phones. But the other apps are good at it too.