All You Need to Know about Havasu Falls

The Havasu Falls is dubbed as the hidden gem of the Grand Canyon. Apart from the scenic viewpoints of the South Rim and North Rim, the utter beauty of the Havasu Falls is considered as one of the Grand Canyon’s most beautiful sights. It’s a surprisingly beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere. Its clear waters and mighty falls combine to create unbelievable beauty to the almost-dry canyon backdrop.

Havasu Falls can be found in one remote region of his grand property, Havasupai Indian Reservation. If you want to visit Havasu Falls, you need to hike about 10 miles from the Hualapai Hilltop. In addition, you need to secure permits for entry and for you to be able to camp overnight.

To ensure that you get the most out of the experience of visiting Havasu Falls, you need to be prepared. The facilities and supplies are scarce within the Indian Reservation therefore it is ideal to get all of your supplies in check before venturing to this part of the Grand Canyon.

A visit to Havasu Falls is recommended for those who plan to explore the Grand Canyon for a few days. At the least, you will need to camp overnight at its campsite to appreciate the beauty, solitude, and tranquility of camping near one of the five charming falls of Havasupai. As there are five waterfalls to explore, you need more than a day to appreciate each of them, and at least soak your feet on all of them.

Prepare the permits a few weeks before your scheduled trip so you don’t have to worry about getting delayed into entering the Havasupai Indian Reservation after a day of strenuous hiking. Once you have completed the tour of Havasu Falls, you should visit other attractions such as the Supai Village. In the village, visitors can purchase food items and souvenirs.

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