How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Ninebot?

Many people are buying Ninebots as they find out more about what they are and how much fun they can be. They’re not only fun but useful in many ways for transportation purposes. Ninebot is just one of the companies that makes these products, and there are of course going to be different models available at different price points. What is your budget for buying one of these new-age, robotic scooters?

Some of the older models can be purchased online at cheaper prices, and you can always check out sites where user-based selling can net you a nice discount. If you’re wanting to buy new, the prices start at around 550 dollars for the cheaper models. Cheaper doesn’t exactly mean ‘stay away’ in this case though.

There is one Ninebot model that is a single wheel with places for your feet on each side. Some of the Ninebot models come without handles, which many people would prefer anyway. There are other feature differences among the various models available, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with them before making a purchase decision.

On the high end, you can spend as much as 2,500 dollars for one of these hands-free scooters. The mid-range models, some of them even with the handles if you prefer handles, cost around 900 dollars. Once you find the model you want, it’s important to compare prices on different trusted sites so that you can find the best deal. There might even be a promo code out there so that you can net a bigger discount.

If I were to purchase one, I would lean towards wanting one with two wheels. However, the models with just one wheel also interest me. They save space, and they are cheaper. It’s up to you which one you get, but any of the models are going to be quite a bit of fun.