Do you know what BBB is?

Have you would need for a good qualified mechanic? If you have just moved into a new city you will need to locate a reputable and experienced automobile mechanic (and look for car insurance). This may be difficult because of the amount of mechanics that there are in every city. If you have had a previous bad experience with a poor mechanic you will understand the importance of locating someone who knows what they are doing.

A good and knowledgeable mechanic should be certified. You can always tell a good mechanic because they will have a certificate on their window from the National Institute for Auto Service Excellence. If you see a local that says ASE, then you have found a mechanic that belongs to this certification institute. Before you get any work done as the mechanic if he has an up-to-date and current diploma of certification.

This is a very important thing to do because there are auto repair shops that do display this ASE logo but it is expired. Sometimes a mechanic may sell his shop to another mechanic and the original mechanic was certified but the new mechanic is not. Therefore, simply asked mechanic to show you his current diploma of certification.

Another logo that you can look for on the mechanics window is a better business bureau logo. Every city and town has a better business bureau. Normally you will see a sticker in their window with the initials BBB. These three letters represent the Better Business Bureau. One of the advantages that you have as a customer is that you can go online to the website of the Better Business Bureau and look for the ratings of any particular auto repair shop.

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start your search because it is a non-partial institution. The information that is provided on the website is 100% accurate and reliable. You can trust their recommendation when choosing an automobile mechanic. There are many other associations that a mechanic may belong to but the above two part two of the more common ones that you will notice.

A final way that you can choose an automobile mechanic is to have a particular mechanic do a small job such as changing your oil filter. This will give you a chance to examine his quality of workmanship. If you feel confident and happy with the results of this small repair/maintenance job then you can proceed to a larger repair job in the future.